Why an Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage Gel is a completely new massage product on the Dutch and Belgian market and also new in Europe. A Nuru massage is a fun, relaxing and exciting massage where the boundaries of partners play no role. Nuru Massage is also called “The Ultimate Body Slide”. The Nuru massage and being with your partner is so intimate that you forget everything around you and will come out all the stops during the Nuru massage. Not for nothing degenerate a Nuru Massage as quickly in an erotic game between partners. The gels are also suitable for a Lingam Massage. "the so-called penis massage"

Nuru gel comes from Japan, where it is called Nori which means slippery. Nuru gel is completely water-based, it contains no oil or sillicone like most massage products on the market. Nuru Gel is tasteless and odorless, ready for consumption. It has no nasty taste during oral use and wash it easy from your body with water.

Nuru Gel is an original Japanese seaweed recipe entirely water-based, super smooth, transparent, skin-friendly, revitalizing, moisturizing and cosmetic safe. It does not harm rubber, latex and toys.

Because the gel is extremely slippery, which is due to the seaweed ingredient, the gel is also very suitable as a lubricant. That means that the gel is very suitable for self satisfaction / masturbation! We know from the market that there is great demand for a combination of massage oil and lubricant in one. And that’s there now and it's called Nuru Massage Gel. The Nuru Massage Gel contains minerals that are absorbed through the skin and gives the body back its vitality. It also has a moisturizing effect. In addition, the softness and the smoothness of the skin is improved when you regularly used the gel. It is a blessing for the skin.

If you choose the original Nuru Gels from Nuru Nederland, you choose for quality, an all in one product for a lot of fun, excitement and eroticism. The use of Nuru Gel will loose many brakes and the erotic level between two partners will grow. It will be for sure a true memorable experience that is a promised.