What is a Nuru Massage

What is a Nuru Massage and the Secret?

Nuru Massage Gel is new and super slippery massage product on international market. Massage salons around the world use this unique gel and salon customers are generally very pleased and go home satisfied.

Now that consumers also discover Nuru Gel the gel becomes more familiar and more and more people appreciate this gel. Why? Nuru has a number of features that make users happy.

Also in the home situation users, LGBT, can have a lot of fun for example during a body-to-body massage where this gel is intended for in the first place.

But Nuru Gel is also a great lubricant that can prove excellent services during sessions of masturbation alone or with multiple people. Because of that the gels are also very suitable for a Lingam Massage. "the so-called penis massage”

The Nuru massage and being with your partner is so intimate that you forget everything around you and will come out all the stops during the Nuru massage.

Nuru Gel is available in liquid form but also in powder form that quickly can be mixed with hot water. For example, the powder form version is ideal if you go on holiday, 5 grams Nuru powder is good for 500 ml super erotic Nuru Gel good for two or more body-to-body massage.


What is the secret of Nuru Gel?

  • Original Japanese Recipe
  • Extremely slippery on your body
  • Tasteless and Odorless
  • Transparent and very Skin Friendly
  • Revitalizing, Moisturizing and Cosmetic safe
  • Does not harm Rubber, Latex and Toys
  • Nuru Gel contains no Oil or Sillicone
  • For a Relaxing and Exciting Massage
  • For a Body-to-Body Massage
  • For a Lingam Massage
  • For a Joni Massage
  • Nuru Gel is “BIG FUN” for him and for Her
  • Nuru Gel is Magic Gel 
  • Nuru Gel is a Nuru Sensation
  • Nuru Gel is Nuru Pleasure for everybody

If you choose the original Nuru Gels from Nuru Nederland, you choose for quality, an all in one product for a lot of fun, excitement and eroticism. 

The use of Nuru Gel will loose many brakes and the erotic level between two partners will grow. It will be for sure a true memorable experience that is a promised.

Order now your liquid version Nuru Gel or the easy-to-use powder variant who is easy to bring along during your vacation.