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How to make Nuru gel from Nuru powder 

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A whole lot of Nuru Massage Gel for little money!

"NURU Pleasure" is a Nuru Massage Gel in powder form that is easy to mix with water of thirty degrees plus.

After mixing, the Gel will be ready for use within just 15 minutes. The contents of a sachet of 5 grams is enough for a whopping 500 ml of lovely, super smooth Nuru Gel of high original Japanese quality. With "NURU Pleasure" you can easily and quickly make your own Nuru Massage Gel. And the more sachets you buy, the cheaper your Nuru Gel will be.

Discover the intense "NURU Pleasure" Massage powder

The "NURU Pleasure" from NURU NETHERLANDS is a professional Nuru Gel that can not only be used for a super erotic body-to-body massage, but also for a sensual Lingam or Yoni massage and even for a personal masturbation session with or without erotic toys. Indeed, it is also a super lube.

There are a lot of different massage oils and gels available on the market that do not always do what is expected of them. This is completely different when it comes to "NURU Pleasure" - made of excellent quality - you will definitely be pleasantly surprised and not in the least due to the remarkably low price tag.

The benefits of the NoriX Massage Powder

Now that you have chosen for "NURU Pleasure" in a sachet of 5 grams you are ensured of several interesting benefits. First of all, you now have a lovely massage gel that is a real blessing for the skin, but you also have a lot of gel for a fair price.

Moreover, it is very easy to quickly make this massage gel ready for use and with warm or hot water you can immediately make the gel the right massage temperature for you.

As is the case with the other liquid Nuru Gel products of NURU NETHERLANDS"NURU Pleasure" is of course fully odorless and tasteless. Plus, it does not stain!

How do you get to work to make this fantastic Nuru Gel?

In this example we are going to assume that you want to make 500 ml of Nuru Gel, but less gel with less powder is also possible! See explanation below.

More tips and tricks? Continue reading, because there is more possible with this Nuru Gel powder! For example, you can fill up a big glass bowl with 500 ml of warm to hot water. Before opening the sachet, shake it thoroughly so that you can be sure that all powder is loosened up.

Then you can carefully open the sachet and sprinkle the powder across the entire water surface. It is important that the Nuru powder is divided properly across the entire water surface and do not empty the sachet at once on a small surface! This to prevent small clumps. Again, add the powder relatively quickly and start stirring gently with a wooden or plastic spoon (no metal) and do this for about 1 to 2 minutes. Do not add any more powder when the gel has thickened. This also to prevent clumps.

After about 2 minutes you wait about 15 minutes. You now let Nuru Gel  do its work. You can begin by taking a hot shower to get in the mood. ;-) After 15 minutes, the Nuru Gel is transparent clear and ready for use and you can start enjoying a lovely Nuru Massage and the associated beautiful, intimate moments with your partner.

"NURU Pleasure" works best as a ready-made liquid version on a wet body. A spray bottle or wet hands can be of great use here. Also use a smooth surface for the most intense massage experience.

Don't forget to watch the YouTube video on our website, Here you can see a clear step by step guide for easily making the Nuru Gel. Additionally, you can find more enlightening erotic Nuru Massage videos.

Nuru Tips with this "NURU Pleasure" powder

You have received a sachet with 5 grams of powder, but that is too much for a body-to-body massage. Use atmost 2.5 grams of powder and 250 ml of water. This volume or even 200 ml is enough for a fantastic Nuru Massage.

But with 5 grams of powder and 250 ml of water you will get 250 ml of extra thick liquid Premium Quality Nuru Gel.

And with 5 grams of powder and 500 ml of water you will get 500 ml of Classic Quality Nuru Gel. See our webshop for other Nuru Gel products.

SUPER TIP! This "NURU Pleasure" powder is also ideal when you go on a holiday. You will have a lot of Nuru Gel in a very small sachet. Also bring a piece of plastic that you can buy from a construction market to cover the hotel bed and experience the Nuru Massage time after time.

Last tip; do not make more gel than necessary for your massage, "NURU Pleasure" does not contain any preservatives and does not last very long. Want to keep it for a little bit longer anyway? Use a well sealed bottle and store it in a cool and dark place. If you use less than 5 grams of powder, seal the sachet airtight and store it in a dry place.

Don't forget to check out (available in English and in Dutch).

Nuru Pleasure Massage Gel powder 5 gram for 500 ml gel and many exciting moments

When you are sitting a nice evening on the couch with your partner maybe your mind wanders quickly for something exciting and sensual. The body of your partner looks again to steal. By purchasing of one of the Nuru Powder from the range here at Nuru Netherlands you make sure that you in no time can make a massage gel that is not only warm and playful, but moreover it will make your body feel much softer. In this way, that one massage will be so much more intense and who knows what will bring the rest of the evening!

Massage and lubricant in one

Many massage gels which can be found on the market are unable
to be used as a lubricant, for example, because they can cause irritation. When you choose to buy the Nuru Powder 5 gram, you will notice that you choose a very versatile massage gel which is tasteless and odorless and which can also be used perfectly during a steamy lovemaking game. Moreover causes the gel which can be made of the Nuru powder RAW for sure that after one use the skin
noticeable will be softer. It may also be clear, if you are looking for a product that may be used both for massaging as well as a lubricant? Doubt in such a case no longer and choose today for to bring home one of the Nuru powder RAW at bargain prices here at Nuru Netherlands!

Comparable to the NoriX Classic and Premium Nuru Gels

5 grams of powder combined with 500 ml of water is equal to the Norix Classic Nuru massage gel. When you use 250 ml of water and 5 grams of this lovely Nuru powder, you will have a nice thick Premium Nuru gel which can be diluted with water during the massage. This way you will enjoy your Nuru massage for a long time. The 2.5 grams package is often used by massage parlours to create 250 ml of Nuru Gel.

What is the Secret of Nuru Gel in general? (This also applies to our liquid gel)

  • Original Japanese Recipe
  • Extremely slippery on your body
  • Tasteless and Odorless
  • Transparent and very Skin Friendly
  • Revitalizing, Moisturizing and Cosmetic safe
  • Does not harm Rubber, Latex and Toys
  • Nuru Gel contains no Oil or Sillicone
  • For a Relaxing and Exciting Massage
  • For a Body-to-Body Massage
  • For a Lingam Massage
  • For a Joni Massage
  • Nuru Gel is “BIG FUN” for him and for Her
  • Nuru Gel is Magic Gel
  • Nuru Gel is a Nuru Sensation
  • Nuru Gel is Nuru Pleasure for everybody