Make your own Nuru Gel from Pleasure Powder in less then two minutes


Mixing the "NURU Pleasure" Powder is as easy as applying the Gel itself. First view the video on our website or on YOUTUBE.COM and you probably have enough information to quickly make your Nuru gel! Search for "Nuru Pleasure Mix Video" on YouTube or check out our websites and 

"NURU Pleasure" Powder is of the same high quality as our liquid "NoriX" Nuru Gel but considerably cheaper. You will not experience the difference in comparison with our liquid gel!

NOTE: in the example below we assume that 500 ml Nuru Gel will be made, but making less or more gel with more or less powder is also possible! TIP: less water or more powder gives thicker Nuru Gel.


NOTE: In this example we assume that 500 ml / 16,90 fl.oz of Nuru Gel will be made, but making less gel with less powder is possible too! 

TIP: Less water or more powder is thicker gel.


a. 5 grams bag of Nuru Pleasure powder (or more powder from our large packaging)

b. A large bowl and kitchenware to stir. TIP: plastic or wooden kitchenware are better than metal!

c. Fill the bowl with 500 ml water of about 40 degrees Celsius.

d. Open the bag of 5 grams of NURU Pleasure Powder.

e. Start by stirring with a spatula, spoon or use any electric kitchen utensils.

f. Spread the powder over the entire water surface while stirring and stir for about one minute.

NOTE: Do not sprinkle the powder in too small a bowl on too small a surface or in cold water. This is to prevent small lumps! Do not add powder when the gel has become thicker after a few minutes for the same reason.

g. Let the gel rest for 5 minutes after stirring and stir again for a moment. The gel now has the desired thickness and will also become crystal clear.

TIP: Take the time, take a shower together and set the tone for the right erotic atmosphere. If the gel has become slightly too cold, heat it in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Start enjoying you Nuru Massage!

TIP: Like our liquid Nuru Gel and "NURU Pleasure" Powder it works best on a moist body. So start your body-to-body massage with a moist body after showering. It is also recommended that you moisten the bodies a little during the body massage. A water spray bottle or moist hands do wonders here! Try it for a great and even smoother Nuru experience!

ADVICE: For your safety, be careful when adding too hot water during mixing. Also avoid overheating the gel in the microwave for your safety.

STORAGE TIP: For the most perfect Nuru Body-to-Body massage experience, use about 150 to 200 ml of Nuru Gel. The gel that is left can be saved for later use. It is best to keep the remaining gel dark in a closed bottle The created Nuru Gel can be stored for a few weeks.

TIP: There are many illuminating erotic (porn) Nuru Massage videos available on the internet. Google for once: "Nuru Massage Video"

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Making your own Nuru Massage Gel with "Nuru Pleasure" powder is easy, fast and cheap For established companies with a VAT number such as massage parlors or people who give professional massages at home, we use attractive purchase prices for our "NURU Pleasure" powder in large quantities. packaging and also for the liquid Nuru Gel and Massage Oil.

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There are also many illuminating erotic Nuru Massage videos available on the internet. Just Google "Nuru Massage Video"