About us

We need to acquaint ourselves with you, we are Wim and Dennis van Poelgeest "Father and Son" and since the start of 2012 we run our organization Nuru Nederland with the first Nuru massage items with a great deal of fun!

Since we have no EXPENSIVE office, no expansive stockpiling costs and so on, we can keep our costs neighborly to merchants of Nuru® Massage Gels. Our setting is: Together we should do it!

Dennis is dynamic as a business visionary and he is simply the proprietor of a HUBO "do it without anyone's help" store in The Hague Holland. Dennis is the originator of the Nuru Massage Gels. "Dennis says," I purchased the Nuru Massage Gel from a US now a partner of our own. After use in private air I barely rested that night. More individuals should know this! Stunning, what an astounding item!

I began an examination lastly discovered this special item. The Nuru Massage is coming to Europe! No, Nuru Massage Gel is accessible Europe!

Wim worked quite a bit of his working life as a business visionary, began as a jumper in the Dutch Royal Navy and later as a rescue jumper at SmitTak International.

He likewise ran a private jumping and rescue organization from the Scheveningen Harbor. For quite a while he was dynamic in the jumping and dispatching business and he additionally fabricated Hovercrafts in the Netherlands and Indonesia. In late he years worked at KPN Telecom and after that resigned early. Enterprise began to tingle again sitting still was not an alternative. That the Nuru Gel webshop of his child Dennis was so effective in a brief span did not go unnoticed by Wim.

After a few discourses it was chosen to grow the Nuru Gel organization.

Our administration is as yet antiquated. Individual contact with our customers is imperative! We readily think alongside our customers so that the Nuru Massage likewise in Massage Parlors will be a win.