Nuru Pleasure Powder 1 Packet for 500 ml /16,9 Oz Nuru Gel

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One of the best gifts you can give to your partner is the exciting experience of a full body-to-body massage with Nuru Gel made from Nuru Pleasure powder. This product is also your ideal vacation partner because of the very compact size and the low weight of only 5 grams. The Nuru Pleasure is a fantastic massage gel that provides an unprecedented sensual feeling while massaging. This gel will leave you longing for more.

This product is also your ideal vacation partner because of the very compact size and the low weight of only 15 grams.


  • One 5 grams packet is good for 500 ml /16,9 Oz Nuru Gel of high quality. 
  • Although the gel is and remains extremely smooth, some people want a slightly thicker gel. This is easy to do! Start with 250 ml of warm (about 40 degrees) water, try the gel, add some water if you want to make the gel slightly thinner.
  • Look for more info about this easy-to-use product under the "Info Powder Gel" link.

We like to introduce ourselves to you, we are Wim and Dennis van Poelgeest. "Father and Son" and since the start in 2012 we run our company Nuru Nederland as the first company in Europe who sell Nuru Gel. We do that with great pleasure and dedication! But now Wim has been the sole owner since January 2018.

Since we have no EXPENSIVE office, no expansive stockpiling costs and so on, we can keep our costs low.  

Dennis Purchased the Nuru Massage Gel early 2012 in the US. After use in private environment he barely rested that night. More individuals should know this! Stunning, what an astounding product he concluded!

He went an examination lastly discovered than Nuru Gel was not for sale in the EU. That was the beginning, Nuru Massage Gel came to Europe for the fist time.

Wim worked quite a bit as a business visionary, started as a sailor and diver in the Dutch Royal Navy and later as a diver at SmitTak International a worldwide salvage company.

He ran also a private diving company in the Scheveningen Harbor in Holland and he additionally fabricated Hovercrafts in the Netherlands and Indonesia. He worked de laatste years at KPN Telecom as a sale manager but he resigned early. Enterprise began to tingle again sitting still was not an alternative. That the Nuru Gel webshop of his son Dennis was so effective in a brief span did not go unnoticed.

After a few years it was chosen to grow the Nuru Gel company worldwide and introduce to the Nuru Massage World.

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