Nuru Massage and everything you want to know

Nuru Massage

We’re going to talk about a special type of erotic massage, it is called as Nuru massage, which is also known as the “Body to body massage.” Nuru is an erotic type of Japanese massage that has been used by many generations, in order to release tension and sexual pleasure. The term “Nuru” comes from a Japanese seaweed called “Nori”, which also means “Slippery”, which describes the type of sensual interaction that is required for a Nuru massage session. 

It requires a professional masseuse, or partner, and a special type of gel called “Nuru gel”, a gel that can fully awaken your sexual cravings with total sensation. This type of massage is known to help you release your tension through an orgasmic session of body-to-body contact, even without having actual sexual penetration. The rubbing of both bodies smeared in massage gel is so pleasurable, which makes the Nuru massage one of the most desirable erotic massages up till this day. 

The effect of Nuru is very intense, in terms of sexual pleasure, that it will keep your inner sexual drive going even after releasing an orgasm. 


To enjoy Nuru massage, you’ll have to prepare a waterproof sheet on the floor or in your bed, then you’ll have to mix the gel first with water in the bowl and then pour it over your bodies to begin massaging each other’s shoulders, backs and legs. Body slide each other and discover what feels good as you go, with peace of mind knowing that the gel is made from natural ingredients and are safe for your body. We recommend you to begin with a “hands free massage”, then cover your bodies with massage gel, get on top of your partner, and then start to make sexual contact with your partner to feel aroused. 

To enjoy this sensual pleasure even more, use your body to massage them, such as your chin, your lips, nipples, and your erogenous zone. Sensually, slide up and down in slow motion, follow the rhythm that you and your partner will make as you’re arousing each other with sensual pleasure, slide from side to side, and in circular motions while also using your genitals to massage your lover or partner to a happy ending.

The Sensual Effect of Nuru Massage and the Magical Nuru Gel

Nuru massage offers more than just a unique feeling of weightless freedom, as it also gives you that sensual satisfaction that you are always craving for. We highly recommend couples to try it first, or if you’re single, you can always try and do it with a professional masseuse. It’s not only limited as therapeutic massage, as it’s also something new and exciting for your sex life, which you and your partner can enjoy. 

Your slicked down bodies can make you and your lover experience new and exciting positions, such as your bodies poised together while arousing each other in a 69 position, or with a hand job or rim job. The effect of Nuru massage will ignite you and your partner’s imagination in new ways, while driving each other’s mutual orgasms. 

Massage professionals aren’t only limited to women, for there are also masseurs, or men who can professionally perform this massage, as there are many women who are also looking for this experience.

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