NORIX” is the brand name of all our nuru gel products from Nuru Netherlands including our Nuru Gel in liquid form. Norix is a family business with footprints in the cosmetic industry since 2012. Our achievements include: 1. First importer and manufacturer of Nuru Gel in the Netherlands, Belgium and other EU countries. 2. Our new and improved “Nuru Pleasure” Powder formula is one of the most in-demand powder formula products (can be found on Our website). 3. The Nuru Pleasure Powder has received rave reviews as a perfect companion to take on a vacation. Why You Should Get the Nuru Pleasure Powder: 1. With the Nuru Pleasure Powder you can make Nuru Gel of the same quality as our liquid “NORIX” Nuru Gel in just 2 minutes. 2. It is as smooth and silky as our Nuru Gel, and will last longer. 3. "Nuru Pleasure" Powder is a top-rated product on Amazon.de with several 5-star reviews. NOTE: At the moment we do not sell liquid Nuru Gel on this website because of the expensive shipping costs worldwide. However, you can purchase all our liquid “NORIX” Nuru Massage gel products on AMAZON.COM and in different EU countries such as GERMANY, GREAT BRITAIN and more.

Nuru Pleasure Powder Gel - More Nuru Gel for less Money

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